Seoul Atlas
For this project, each “Design in Seoul” student was asked to contribute a chapter to a larger volume—a collective “atlas”—in response to the questions, “where/who am I?” “where/who are we?” My response to this prompt was abstract. Rather than documenting the specifics of where/when/how, I made an effort to visualize the emotional experience of exploring these new and beautiful places.
Free Skate
This album cover was made over the course of a weeklong workshop with the amazing designers at It was a privilege to receive their expertise and guidance throughout this process. In figure skating, a “Free Skate” is a freestyle competition with no required elements, in which skaters perform an original program to music of their choice. Each track on this album is a recording of my foot stepping on an arrow symbol in a unique street or museum as I explored Seoul. The album cover is based off of the notation system that ice dancers use. I used this system to help make a map of my “steps” throughout Seoul. Why ice dancing? As a kid, I used to ice dance, and one of my earliest connections to Korean pop-culture was through my admiration of Yuna Kim–the figure skating icon who is featured on the inside of the album cover. The QR code leads to a “music video” of my journey across the arrows of Seoul.
Hongik University
I contributed these page designs to a collaborative book-making project by collaging together photos of a Korean market that were taken by Students from Hongik University and students from the University of Tennessee.
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